Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When customers start making your commercials

What is the impact of an online video? And how do you use the power of online video and social media for your advantage? Take a look at this post here, where I show how we made a museum podcast-in-a-day, and all the places you can post an online video for free to promote your museum.

Today I'm talking about your customers (or visitors, in the museum world) making your videos for you. How does that happen? It can happen with a very frustrated or angry customer, who takes to the free internet airwaves to share their grievance with the world. See Kevin Smith's smodcast about his Southwest Airlines flight [note that this is rated R for language], the now-infamous Comcast video, or this very clever one called, "United Breaks Guitars," with over 8 million views to date:

Those are negative examples. Today I want to focus on some recent positive examples that blew me away. The first is this video of a flashmob/crowd dance in Seattle that's basically a joyous commercial for the television show Glee.

This is participatory fun, and at the same time took a ton of work on the part of the organizers, dancers, and videographers. What makes this work so well is it's clearly real people, a bit unpolished, and genuinely lifts your spirits. Could you organize something like this for your museum? Could you tap into a local theater or arts group to encourage things like this to happen at your museum or historic site?

Next is this iPad "commercial" that's better than anything Apple could ever produce.

Get creative. Think about how you might be able to tap into local talent, and crowdsource something unique that works for your institution.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's Signpost

From a Prohibition exhibit at St. Louis' Old Courthouse. Reads:
The night before it went into effect, everybody had a big party on account of it being the last chance to get boiled. Now there's a group of wilful men that keeps hollering that the law ain't no good and please modify it so as to give us light wines and beer, but the general attitude in regards to this plea is, as revealed by a personal souse-to-souse canvas, who and the hell would drink them?
Ring Lardner

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday's Signpost

This sign reads:
Are your hands nice and soft?
Do they smell good too?
This soap is for sale in our store!

Smart, and funny.