Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Social media strategy for museums: Webinar Wed. May 12, 2010

Join me and my guest Sorel Denholtz in the virtual classroom to learn the ins and outs of using social media in a strategic way for your museum. Click here to register. We have a no-refusal pricing policy. Contact us if you need a discount on the fee. A sliding scale is available for groups.

This 75-minute online class gives you the chance to chat live with Sorel Denholtz, a social media strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sorel is a dynamic speaker who was a hit at at the last CAM conference in San Jose.

Whether you are just getting started with social media or have been involved for a while, we'll offer you a structure to frame your social media efforts. Then Sorel will talk about her work at the California Academy of Sciences, including identifying, prioritizing and engaging with core audiences. She will share both the tactics and the results to date, as well as a brief glimpse into the future. Class registration closes at 5 pm on Tuesday, May 11 and the class size is limited to 50.

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