Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Experienceology on-demand classes for museum professionals

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my online learning website!

Training museum professionals truly is my passion. And, while I love training folks in person, there are limits to both time and budget. Institutions and individuals are less likely to attend conferences this year or provide in-house training. Yet in this economy, they need good consulting more than ever to help improve their visitor experience. So these classes, set at prices based on your input, are here to help. You can watch affordable classes like this one on demand:

Or sign up for live webinars starting in September.

The first webinar will be on Wednesday, September 16th at 9 am PDT (10 Mountain, 11 Central, 12 pm Eastern, 4 pm GMT, and 5 pm London*). That webinar will answer your questions about "What is visitor experience anyway?" After a lot of research on webinar styles, we've designed something that is a much more dynamic experience:

  1. You help shape the content by sending in questions in advance.
  2. You can ask questions at any time either via chat or the conference call. And I'll answer your questions when you ask them, not 45 minutes later (if at all).
  3. There is live video of me (and the guest instructor) instead of a disembodied voice.
  4. The PowerPoint slides are specially created for the Web with dynamic visuals and almost no (yawn) bullet points.
  5. You click along with me, advancing the slides at your own pace. That means you can go back a slide if you want more time with it. And, you're much less likely to want to zone out, multi-task, or leave the room.
  6. All the chat is captured and then sent out (with questions answered) afterward in a document you can keep.

We're also offering a series of tech tutorials like this one:

If your small institution has ever wanted to start a blog, get on Twitter, use Facebook, or learn podcasting, keep checking back for new tech tutorials. And because many people are getting laid off from museums or similar sites, they can use tech tutorials to strengthen their skill sets with affordable training.

Please send in your ideas for content. If we use your idea, you get a reward.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this new venture. And please do add your comments about the products once you've tried them. We'll be constantly updating and improving the site as we go.

* If you live in Asia or Down Under, please let me know if you're interested in attending webinars. As soon as there is demand, I will offer the class on Tuesday at 4 pm in California, which is 9 am Sydney and 11 am Auckland time the next day.

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