Thursday, July 31, 2008

Butter London elevates the airport experience

At the Sacramento Airport, this fun manicure/pedicure shop called Butter London caught my eye. I made a point of stopping on my way out of Sacramento.

The decor was fun and fresh, and was truly a great example of strong, seamless branding.

They came up with fun names for the different types of services, like "Spun Sugar" and "Bread and Butter." Their manicurists were beautifully trained and were able to explain the benefits of their products, which don't contain cancer-causing chemicals.

The packaging is fabulous and appealing.

I loved the sticker on this product!

Tip of the day: Inspiration for museum stores can come from all kinds of places. If a store grabs YOU, think about what they are doing that got your attention, and see how you might be able to incorporate those ideas into your store.
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