Sunday, November 04, 2007

The last word on the Bathroom Blogfest

We've done it... another great time in the ladies room. I'd like to thank all the bloggers (24 of us!) and others who picked up the blogfest and gave it their own swirl. It had some odd moments, like when White Cloud toilet tissue added a fake person to our Facebook group. She's an actress who plays the mom, Marianne Leiber, in their current ad campaign. We would have been happy to play along, even do a Q & A, but they never responded to our email.

We were happy to have Kitchen and Bath Business magazine join us, as well as the National Kitchen and Bath Association. I even received an email from Foot Flush International, promoting their product which allows you to turn any toilet into one flushable with a press of a foot pedal, thus eliminating contact with germy toilet handles. I have to say, the more I learn about bathrooms, the less I want to use one!

And we learned, from 400 voters, that cleanliness is the number one issue for people using public restrooms, with 82% of the votes. Comfort ran a distant second at 11%. This is good news for business owners, as cleanliness is easily within your reach and doesn't cost you much at all.

My favorite posts this week? I enjoyed watching designer Kate Rutter as she deconstructed her home and work bathrooms. Sara Cantor always makes me laugh, and her Crumple or fold? piece is no exception. I applaud Katie Clark for fighting (for a year?!) to get shelves installed in the stalls of her library's ladies room. Go Katie! I enjoyed seeing special Disney bathrooms with Becky Carroll, and visiting the scary bathrooms on Halloween with Maria Palma and Fast Company's Linda Tischler.

It was a kick for me to see two of our library bloggers "meet" for the first time in a ladies room in Monterey, and I enjoyed Carolyn Townes' take on the social aspect of the ladies room. And I laughed at the outrage expressed by our European bloggers. Apparently those toilet ladies can be quite scary! Thanks to Anna Farmery, Claudia Schiepers, and Lolly Borel for weighing in.

For variety, Sandy Renshaw talked about the environmental aspects of scented air fresheners, Dee McCrorey about innovation, Reshma Anand about babycare facilities, Katia Adams took us to her nail salon, and Toby Bloomberg produced a quiz with bathroom floors (it's harder than it looks!)

Co-sponsors C.B. Whittemore and Susan Abbott always outdo themselves—thanks, gals!
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  1. Stephanie, it was a pleasure and a rockin' great time! Thanks so much for including me. I will never look at bathrooms the same again!

    Peace and hope to meet you in the ladies room!


  2. Muy Bueno su Blog.

    I am from Argentina.

  3. Here's some glamour for next year's bathroom fest

    Keep up the good work!