Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bathroom Blogfest: Stall of shame

Yesterday I featured some great bathrooms at American Girl Place. Today we're going to look at some less successful examples. The first is nothing new, a line for the ladies room at a touristy area in San Diego. Even on a quiet day, the facilities aren't adequate for women. This venue has been around for 27 years. Why haven't they upgraded their restrooms?

Next up is a restroom at a local grocery store, used by staff and the public. Surely they could put in a decorative screen to give all of us something nice to look at?

This dark museum bathroom is now scheduled for an upgrade. In the meantime, how about adding some artwork to the walls to brighten it up?

Note to designers and hardware companies: Don't sell hooks like this. They are useless! Everything just slides right off.

Tip of the day: Before you open your business today or tomorrow, go into the men's and ladies' rooms. Are they up to par? How can you upgrade them a little this week? If they need deep cleaning or remodeling, can you put that into your schedule?

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  1. Just came across your post and must comment. At my S.D. Wal-mart the door into the restroom must remain open, there is even a sign posted to that effect. Associates and customers must use the same restroom. The store often runs out of paper towels and the hot air dryers don't work. It is embarrassing. We are the largest retail chain in the world and can't have decent restrooms.

  2. Can't wait to dive deeper into your bathroom blogfest! I'm way about bathrooms and absolutely they impact my customer experience. So curiously fascinated to readi your findings!

    A note to commenter rochelle r: I've yet to use a Wal-Mart restroom (across the country!) that didn't give me the heebie-jeebies. I'm sure there's some metaphor there for exampling WM's culture of low vendor costs, low prices and low wages and how it all wraps up into no rolls of TP in the watercloset.