Sunday, September 30, 2007

Free samples make for "sticky" customer service!

In a previous post, I asked "Whose job is it to create a great experience?" I'd like to tip my hat to Jeffrey DiMichiel of The Binding Source for going above and beyond his job to provide a great customer experience for me.

I contacted The Binding Source a while back to locate some industrial-strength double-sided tape to fix a door panel in our car that had become unglued. I simply asked for guidance on which of their products they thought might work. Here was his friendly, personal, and helpful response:
I am sorry to hear about your car. If you are interested in fixing your door panels inexpensively, you may want to try our 3M 5952 VHB tape. No guarantees here, but if I had to try one this is the first product I would test.

Here is where he went above and beyond, explaining what I would need to do so his product would work most effectively:
Clean off as much as the old adhesive as possible, maybe try a Scotchbrite 7447 pad or sandpaper, then clean the surface with an isopropyl and water 50/50 solution. Apply the tape with firm pressure and if there is memory to the panels you may want to hold it in place for an hour or so with a clamp mechanism of some sort, maybe a removable tape.

And here is how he earned this blog post:
If you only need a small amount send me your address and I will send you a sample. If you need a lot, the tape and specs can be found here.
Good luck,

I'm happy to report adhesive success with the samples he provided by 2nd-day air—that is some way-sticky tape from 3-M! Thanks, Jeff, for giving me a great example of customer service as well.

Tip of the day: How can you go above and beyond? Can you explain how a product works so that your customer will have success? Can you provide a free sample so they can test it out? Even when you don't know whether they'll turn into a customer?

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  1. Stephanie,

    I always love hearing about people going above and beyond on customer service. Thanks for the great post.