Sunday, September 16, 2007

Favorite blogs you may have missed

I don't have a huge blogroll on my blog, as I find them visually overwhelming. Instead I feature "Five Faves" in my sidebar that I'm currently reading. I just updated them today, and encourage you to check them out. I most certainly appreciate being mentioned in other people's blogrolls or lists, like the Magical W List and Drew McLellan's conga line. Today I'm going to share some of my favorite blog posts from other bloggers I read regularly, and thank some people for their mentions.

First up, a referral from one of my e-newsletter subscribers. This is a great post from Larsen Idealog about Terminal Confusion, a perfect example of signage not being user-focused.

Thanks to Nate Burgos for including me in his Design Feast list of blogs worth reading. This site offers a wealth of design-related information for you to check out.

I had a nice chat this week with consultant Doug Fleener, who writes a great blog called Retail Contrarian. Doug has a wealth of experience helping retail stores (especially big chains) get in touch with their customer experience, having grown the Bose Stereo store chain from 3 stores to 100.

I was excited to receive my advance copy of Pine and Gilmore's new book, Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want. Thanks to Doug Parker and Joe Pine of Strategic Horizons for the speedy delivery. I'm looking forward to interviewing Joe for my October podcast. The book includes a nice mention of Jeff Kallay, who writes the Experience Evangelist. Jeff travels the country helping college campuses improve their campus tour experience for prospective students and their parents.

If you happen to work for a Main Street or a heritage tourism district, sign up for Marianna Hayes' blog Results Revolution. She offers timely and specific advice for small towns trying to attract tourism dollars through better experiences.

Adam Lawrence, currently in Dominica on holiday but still managing to produce a featured comedy video on YouTube, writes consistently engaging posts from a theater-experience perspective. Read his Heaven Is Hard Work post and you'll be hooked.

I adore Sara Cantor, who writes all-too-infrequent jewels of posts at The Curious Shopper. Watch her I Got Engaged! video post and fall in love with her, too.

What can I say about C.B Whittemore? Her posts on Flooring the Consumer are always packed with thoughtful details and generous links. Two of my favorites are her tale of exhilaration after a challenging four years with her company being in Chapter 11, and her insightful eye sharing a business trip to Disney.

Church of the Customer celebrated a milestone, reaching 100,000 subscribers or thereabouts (Feedburner giveth, and Feedburner taketh away). Read this post recapping their "40 cities in 40 days" book tour and see how hard they worked to make their second book Citizen Marketers such a big hit.

Design Observer is always great; Michael Bierut's posts are must-reads, witness You're So Intelligent.

Andrea Learned, Learned on Women, will tell you everything you need to know about marketing to women, including how to sell us beer.

I never know what useful tidbit I'm going to get from Adaptive Path, like this post on tips for speaking engagements.

I'm still missing Mark Hurst's This Is Broken blog; his Good Experience blog fills the void. Having problems in a big-box store? Call the store.

Earlier this summer I enjoyed meeting face to face with San Diego bloggers Tim Jackson, aka Masi Guy, and Becky Carroll of Customers Rock! Just wish Maria Palma of Customers Are Always had been able to join us. It was great to swap blog stories and I appreciated Becky's prompt response recently when I was looking for a great book on telephone customer service.

And last but not least, my first blog friend Susan Abbott of Customer Experience Crossroads, whose post on blog etiquette sparked today's post. She led me to Seth Godin, who I can't imagine not reading. I envision His Baldness as permanently attached to a Blackberry. I can't imagine how else he writes so much great stuff. Here's a fun one, the finger moustache "virus."

Thanks again to all my wonderful blog friends, contributors, and readers. Send me a favorite experience of yours, including 3-5 pictures, and you could win a free signed copy of my book. I'll choose a winner from entries received by September 30, 2007.


  1. Thank you, Stephanie, for your wonderful words! You have made my week. Great list of favorite blogs; it's filled with gems. [Ooooh, you've received the new Pine/Gilmore book. That should be good reading!] Can't wait for your podcast.

  2. Stephanie,

    Thanks for the shout out. I too find blogrolls to be visually distracting. You might consider creating a separate page for your blogroll.

    I did that a few months ago and really like that it keeps my main page clean but also lets me be a resource for my readers by pointing them to some fantastic blogs!