Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lessons from exhibit halls, part 3

These booths, from the NeoConXpress show in Los Angeles, offer some great lessons on experience design. Read part 1 and part 2 for more tips.

The clean, bright airy colors welcome you in. The modular blocks of the booth design carry the modular furniture message that is Steelcase's hallmark. The rep told me that Steelcase has a "customer experience group" at headquarters, which I plan to investigate further, hopefully for a future post and in my next book. Stay tuned.

This booth does a perfect job of selling decorative concrete tile. my only suggestion would be to de-clutter the table, and perhaps have a table drape that says "Concrete tile." Note the oriental carpet they brought it to enrich the decor.

The casters on the components in this carpet booth allow the reps to arrange the booth as they need. They use the carpet to delineate the boundaries of the booth. Smart!

Best treats: so much nicer than a bowl of wrapped candy. I also appreciated the one other booth that offered a cheese tray. More protein!

The design of this lighting booth is striking and demonstrates their product line well.

At Dunn-Edwards Paints, a faux-finishing paint demo. I was expecting more of this at a design trade show.

Tips of the day: Create clean uncluttered spaces that welcome customers in. Differentiate yourself by offering better quality items, like your snacks. Consider your audience and develop something unique that targets them, like a hands-on demo.

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