Tuesday, July 31, 2007

American Girl Place, part 2: Exhibits

In my first post on American Girl Place in Chicago, I showed the smart ways they orient customers to store offerings. In this post, I'll show you how they use museum techniques to add depth and a feeling of authenticity to their dolls and related products.

On the lower level of the store is the theater, showing a live musical production. The musical has also been made into a feature film by Warner Brothers. They include an exhibit, including the costumes, to take girls behind the scenes of the production.

Next up are vignettes, staged exactly like museum dioramas, telling the backstory on several of the dolls from each era. This Native American doll's story is set in 1764. "Kaya" is a Nez Perce Native American doll.

"Josefina Montoya's" story is set in New Mexico in 1824.

Pioneer "Kirsten Larson" lives in Minnesota in 1854.

Each of these dolls comes with a line of books, clothing, and other merchandise. This grounding in museum-style exhibits, however, adds a whole new layer of authenticity to their stories, making it seem even more like they might have been real girls.

Tip of the day: Adding rich layers to quality offerings enhances the value of your entire experience. How can you add story to your experience?

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