Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spa Ariel: Filled with sensation

In Chicago I visited Spa Ariel in the South Loop for a massage. Love the first impression of a bright, airy space with Moroccan-inspired lighting.

Walking towards the back, this lovely waiting area offered sound and visual sensory stimulation.

I was asked to wait here, and offered water with cucumber slices or tea. I opted for tea.

Looking up, I noticed the richly-painted ceiling and more beautiful lighting.

My scented tea, with honey, and more lovely details.

My massage therapist, Gregg Gonzales, greeted me with a warm, open smile and provided a fantastic massage. He works here Wed-Sat but also has a corporate chair massage business called Discover Escapar. I highly recommend him if you're in Chicago.

Spa Ariel is a great example of my Sensation step in action (see more about my 8 steps to great customer experiences here). Their attention to detail and professional staff made a wonderful impression and I will definitely visit again when I'm in Chicago on business. I took five of Gregg's cards with me and passed them along to local friends, so he benefited from my word-of-mouth advertising.

Tip of the day: Think about ways you can increase the sensory experience you offer, even if you don't run a business like a spa. Appealing to all five senses is one way to make your offerings more memorable.

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