Sunday, May 27, 2007

A letter I wish I could send

Dear United Airlines,
Thank you for the wonderful and pleasant flight home from Chicago last week. It was great to get your email before the flight about your changes to the SkyCap curbside service. I don't mind paying $2 per bag to cover the cost of gasoline. The SkyCaps are always so polite and friendly, and it's nice to be greeted with, "Hi Ms. Weaver! Thank you for flying United for more than 20 years, we appreciate your business." (I know that it's just your computer that keeps track of it, but it does feel good to be acknowledged.)

I'm glad to see that you discontinued charging extra for the exit-row seats. It seemed fairer to give them away on a first-come, first-served basis at the airport. We understand that there is more room in those rows to get us off the plane safely in case of an emergency. Charging more for them always felt wrong, creating a little island of exclusivity in the middle of coach; I'm glad you stopped doing that.

It was fun to take part in the "Create a Snack Box" voting campaign, and I was excited to see that my creation, the gluten- and sugar-free healthy snack box, was included in the finalists. I don't mind paying $5 for a snack box when it's something I want.

I loved the pillow and blanket reservations option, as I need that little pillow for my low back. I don't mind paying $2 for the reservation, as it's nice to know that those amenities are still available for the people who want them.

It was a great surprise to receive those towelettes midway through the flight when we were all tired and sticky. Thanks!

I so appreciated how the flight crew kept the bathroom clean using that Swiffer Wetjet on the floor. Otherwise it can get pretty gross in there over a four-hour flight.

Finally, it was nice for the pilot to recognize those of us who have been traveling with you for many years. Feels like I'm part of a fun club.

Stephanie Weaver
United Mileage Plus Member

Well, I can dream, can't I? By the way, if any other airlines are monitoring blogs, this is for you, too.

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  1. Hee - I'm coming from the opposite direction, but it's the same airline:

  2. Stephanie, you are so right.

    The offerings made by airlines are so incredibly interchangeable, it is no wonder few of us have any brand loyalty at all.

    What is so incredible is that so much could be changed at no cost at all - like making inflight announcements more fun and informative...