Sunday, April 22, 2007

Want to stand out in real estate? Brand yourself

As San Diego residents, we are inundated with realtors' solicitations, postcards, pads, baseball schedules, magnets, etc. Not one has made an impact. Until Mary McTernan moved into my neighborhood. I haven't met her, nor do I know anyone who has used her (yet), but if someone asked about local realtors, she is the first person I would think of. Why? She has created a brand that sets her apart from everyone else.

Her signs are always pink, and feature a sassy illustration of her with her dogs:

She does the same, long skinny pad as everyone else, but spent the money to have her pad printed pink, and branded. Here is the bottom of her pad:

Her cars:

Her bus stop advertising:

We see her around the neighborhood walking her dogs, and she looks pretty much like her fun illustration. This strong, branded approach raises her profile in a market that's flooded with competition. Her brand no doubt appeals to women, as it has a "chick lit" feel to it that's upscale and energetic, just what you'd want in a realtor.

Thanks to reader Jay Thompson for this great example of a branded realty sign from Bloodhound Realty in Phoenix.

Tip of the day: Set yourself apart by creating a strong brand that represents your company, and carry it through every aspect of your business experience. This approach works when the brand expresses your true, authentic nature, and is integrated through good design.

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