Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pistachios: a new customer experience?

When I was talking with Susan Abbott for my first podcast, she mentioned how Curves Fitness centers had analyzed all the barriers to exercise and systematically eliminated them for their target market: older, self-conscious women.

Her comment came to mind when leafing through the coupon section last Sunday. Here was the ad that caught my eye:

Very cute, eye-catching graphics, great use of complementary colors. But what grabbed me was the promise in red: Guaranteed always open.

Of course! Pistachios are delicious, but they are a pain in the neck, as there are always a few (sometimes a lot of) stubborn ones that you can't get open, and usually chip a nail in the process. Hmm... maybe some market research at work?

So I used my coupon and brought home the fun little box. And here on the back is their guarantee:

"Find a closed nut and drive a Ferrari home.* If you find a closed nut in this package, send it to us along with proof of purchase and we'll send you a FREE box of Everybody's Nuts.

*And if you own a Ferrari, you can drive it home."

Great use of tone and voice here, totally consistent with the graphic style. Check out their Web site for more fun.

More fun awaits when you open the box, as there is an insert that reminded me of the Cracker Jack Secret Toy Surprise.

And, yes, every single one of them was open.

Tip of the day: If it's possible to create a fun experience out of a box of pistachios, imagine what you can do with some creativity in your business! This is a great mix of branding, humor, consumer research, quality product and packaging, attention to detail, and authenticity. A winner!

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