Sunday, December 03, 2006

Table top advertising, or is it?

At a mall here in San Diego I've noticed some new advertising by a non-profit HMO called Kaiser Permanente. They have a great television campaign called "Thrive." The commercials feature all sorts of health-related behaviors that Kaiser believes in (narrated by one of my favorite actresses, Allison Janney).

Here at the food court, new tables featured this same campaign, with colorful fruits and vegetables creating attractive images to eat on.

"We have faith in optimism, in laughter as medicine, as well as penicillin."

"We believe in the treadmill and its siblings, Stairmaster and the elliptical."
"We believe that fruit makes a wonderful dessert."

While I'm not always a fan of advertising showing up in places it's not previously invaded, these beautiful images with cheery upbeat messages worked for me. And, clearly, they allowed the mall to upgrade their food court tables and chairs.

Tip of the day: Consider how you can partner with other organizations to provide services or furnishings you might not otherwise be able to afford.

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