Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Captive Audience

I'm not in favor of advertising in restrooms: Messages on the urinal cake? Ads on the back of the doors? Enough! Author James Twitchell (Branded Nation) calls it “logorrhea.” (While I'm not a marketing expert, why would you want people to pee on your brand? It's a dreadful subliminal message.)

But sometimes the time spent in bathrooms can be tied into the educational message of the facility. At the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, a sign by the sink answers a commonly asked question, “What did the local Native American people do for bathrooms?”

At the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, this fun bathroom is themed to the area and provides some educational messages inside.

And, at the Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, information about animal poop is posted on the inside of stall doors.

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Tip of the day: If there are educational messages that can be conveyed in your bathroom in a fun way, integrate them into the design.

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