Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How to set up an RSS feed

An RSS feed (RSS stands for really simple syndication) is a nifty piece of software that sends out a signal when a Web site or blog is updated. Setting up your own list of RSS feeds means that you don’t have to individually check each Web site or blog that interests you to see if they have new posts or information. Your feed reader will show updates automatically.

The easiest way to do this is through a “My Yahoo!” page. If you already have a (free) Yahoo! Account, you already have the option of the “My Yahoo!” page and probably just haven’t set it up.

On the new Yahoo home page (you might have to click to see this if you haven’t updated to it) there is a “My Yahoo!” button on the top left. Click on that, and log in.

Click on the “Add content” button.

Click on the small link that says, “Add RSS by URL”

Open another window in your browser, then go to the blog/page you are interested in. To add my blog, go to

Right-click (or Control-Click for Mac users) on the “chicklet” (so named because they look like those little pieces of gum) and choose “Copy link location”.

Now, return to the other open browser window to the “My Yahoo/Add RSS by URL” box. Paste in the link, and click “Add.” You should get an immediate message that your link has been added. (If not, try again. If it still doesn’t work, try in another day or two. Sometimes a new RSS feed takes time to get registered by Yahoo.) If the blog or Web site has a “My Yahoo!” chicklet, it’s even easier. Just click on that and it should add it automatically.

To customize your My Yahoo! Page:
Click “Change layout”. The various feeds (including what Yahoo is giving you by default) appear in a box. Click the up arrow to move them in the order you want, and the X to remove one you don’t want.

Now, whenever you log in to Yahoo, you can check to see what’s new on the blogs that interest you, including mine. :)

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